I am in the process of updating this to a more professional bio. In the mean time you are more than welcome to know more about me. I was born and raised in Columbus GA. Where I grew up as the youngest of four children. While growing up I became an avid sports enthusiast, and began to enjoy watching and playing baseball. Recently, because of my love for baseball, I’ve started to umpire Little League Baseball. My favorite professional baseball team is the Atlanta Braves. I also enjoyed collegiate style wrestling in high school, which has resulted in my becoming a UFC fan.

When I turned 21 years old, I decided to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In which, I was assigned to Salt Lake City Mission. After I had completed my two years in Salt Lake City I enrolled at Utah State University in Logan, UT, where I am currently a recreational management  major with a minor in business. While attending school I have held only two jobs.


At 25 years of age I came to a crossroad and met the love of my life. We are going on our 3rd year of marriage and enjoy a darling yet mischievous little girl. We have also bought our first home in 2011 and greatly enjoy it. Since obtaining our house we have become transfixed on creating a self-sustaining country lifestyle, which has resulted in a mini farm. Within this mini farm we’ve have stated a garden, raising chickens for eggs, and bee keeping.

314291_10152224569435230_1028059897_nMy work history I have contained only a few jobs. I cling to the thoughts and ideas of being loyalty. Most recently I am working for WestHost where I specialize in web hosting sales and retention.

Another project that I have started working on in my spare time is assisting a non-profit called Pro-Use Produce. I have been working with their web-development, web-site needs and marketing.